Tim Murithi

May the force be with us

Don’t be too quick to dismiss reports of visitors to Earth – perhaps they can help us

Battle for the truth about UFOs

The United States Navy has confirmed that three videos of unidentified aerial phenomena were taken by Navy pilots in 2004 and 2015

Global virus proves we are one

The disease has shown that there is more that unites us as human beings than that which divides us through artificial borders

US navy confirms UFOs recorded by pilots are real

There are no programmes designed to address the question of how humanity will interact with prospective interstellar visitors from outer space

Visitors from outer space – or military aircraft made on Earth ?

Are China or Russia ahead of the US in aerial technology or are intergalactic visitors trying to make friends with us?

‘Aliens’ could be our non-Earth relatives

A change in perspective of how we view other beings could help the human race

ICC ‘no longer useful’ if only prosecuting Africans

The legitimacy of international law is seriously undermined if it only applies to one section of humanity and not another, writes Tim Murithi.

International law: Bruised by prejudice

The ANC is taking SA out of the International Criminal Court, claiming it is no longer useful.

ICC must maintain its credibility

Africans say the focus on its leaders is proof that the International Criminal Court is just an expensive and elaborate sham, writes Tim Murithi.

Africa Day: Development, reconciliation and the African Renaissance

Carefully honed and systematically applied reconciliation policies could serve to strengthen cooperation and renewal on the continent.

AU calls for pan-African response to Mali jihad

As French-led intervention exposes weakness in collective African leadership, summit has acknowledgeg the need for greater Ecowas presence.

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