Toby Shapshak

The outlaws who sold Skype for $3,2bn

A few years ago, Skype co-founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis were persona non grata in the United States, scared to enter the country in case they were arrested for unleashing file-swapping Kazaa on the internet. This week, they were glowing in the limelight as they sold their second venture to eBay for $3,2-billion to $4,1-billion.

South Africa’s other space pioneer

Ask most South Africans who our most successful internet entrepreneur and space adventurer is and they'll tell you it's Mark Shuttleworth. But Elon Musk might just go down in history for having a bigger impact than our first Afronaut. Musk is South Africa's other Shuttleworth, and his success with internet start-ups has also propelled him into space.

Google starts talking

Google has thrown its considerable weight into the burgeoning market for internet telephony, or voice messaging as it is now being called. Google has announced its own voice messaging service, Google Talk, which uses voice over internet protocol and can also be used for instant messaging.

Telkom and Icasa lock horns over ADSL

The most high profile legal battle in three years is likely between Telkom and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) over the cost of high-speed Internet access, after Icasa slammed the telecoms giant for charging "exorbitant" fees.

.mobi domain launched

Cellphones moved a step closer to being fully-fledged Internet terminals when the .mobi domain was introduced this week. Until now, surfing the Web using a cellphone was hamstrung by two key issues: the speed of the connection and image-heavy websites designed for much larger computer screens.

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