Toby Shapshak

David Beresford: The man who taught me the alchemy of words

Toby Shapshak celebrates the life of an international award-winning journalist and author who always had the patience to mentor the young and eager.

Africa is where it’s at

It is already the most overused word since Web 2.0, so how can we take anything that involves "innovation" seriously anymore?

Chris Froome aims to sweep clean at Tour

The French race's new wonder, Chris Froome begs comparison with Armstrong, but he rides to a different beat.

A new-look Office suite

If you're looking for that feature in Microsoft Word or Excel and you can't remember where you originally found it, you're not alone. About 80% of feature requests from users already exist in Office, says Cyril Belikoff, information worker business group manager for Microsoft South Africa.

Make your own podcast

Three times a week, Brian Ibbott sits in his converted basement in his Denver house and plays his favourite cover songs. He explains their origins, reveals little-known musical trivia and indulges in the light banter of a polished radio host. Then he quietly posts these half-hour radio shows online and 40 000 listeners download them and listen either on their computers or iPods.

Join the YouTube generation

It's an old tune that has been playing in South Africa for years -- unless we get viable and cheap broadband the country will be left behind. The digital divide may separate those with a computer or internet access from those without but the broadband divide carves what few million internet users South Africa has from the rest of the online world.

In search of a good tighthead

Jake White will tell you the best thing about the team he has picked for the first Test against Scotland this weekend is that they share 525 caps among them. Ad, while Os du Randt is back with John Smit to anchor the loosehead, the same confidence cannot be felt about Eddie Andrews on the tighthead.

Nothing super about SA rugby

It might be a surprise that Jean de Villiers will captain the Springboks in a non-Test match this weekend, but not that South African rugby is still trying to drag itself out of the gutter. Last week, two of the biggest problems bit the dust: the president and his love child, the ill-conceived, over-hyped, over-funded and under-performing Southern Spears.

Pocket dialling Adam

When Jeff Bezos launched his e-commerce website, he chose the name Amazon because it would appear at the top of the predominantly alphabetically listed website indexes. That has made Amazon the force it is. The A principle has had another interesting side effect in our age of runaway telecommunications: the pocket dialler.

Chinese IT giant goes global

Lenovo, the world's third-largest and Asia''s largest computer-maker, signalled its intention recently to compete globally with top companies Dell and Hewlett-Packard, after turning around in six months the loss-making personal computer unit it bought from computing behemoth IBM.

Broadband bunfight hots up

In the week South African cyberspace was given an area code (O87), the country's first report on wireless broadband offerings was released and the cheapest asymmetric digital subscriber line connection was announced. The suffix 087 was allocated for Voice over Internet Protocol numbers by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa.

Talk is cheap, unless you’re using Telkom

Although most industry players expected this week's colloquium on telecommunications costs would be no more than a talk fest, some hard- hitting proposals were made by government officials and regulators. One key suggestion was for Telkom to unbundle the local loop, which is the connection from the telephone exchange to a home or office.

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