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Mugabe is dragging down Zim’s economy

Tensions over who will succeed the president are deterring investment.

Nkandla: Why did Nxesi lie?

Questions remain unanswered about why Nxesi lied about the Nkandla task team report, which exonerated President Zuma from any wrongdoing.

Graft gaffe unlikely to fell Mujuru

Vice-president Joice Mujuru claims she was misquoted when she warned against corruption exposés.

Zimbabwe’s economy still stuck in a rut

Increased imports, reduced exports, a weaker rand and closing firms conspire against Zimbabwe's recovery.

Zim: Pay hike talks can’t go on forever

Civil servants in Zimbabwe want the government to commit to a timetable to finalise wage negotiations.

Mugabe’s 100 days of turmoil

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's early days have been marked by promises, not delivery. What hurdles is the leader facing?

How the MDC can remain relevant

After a bruising electoral defeat, analysts say the MDC party must come out of denial and rebuild itself.

Africa is where it’s at

It is already the most overused word since Web 2.0, so how can we take anything that involves "innovation" seriously anymore?

Arms deal: A citizen’s guide to coughing up for con men

The commission of inquiry under Judge Willie Seriti is expected finally to get down to business on Monday. Will it succeed in uncovering corruption?

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