Ray Ndlovu

Robert Mugabe’s curious silence as Zimbabweans’ demands grow

As the citizen movement in Zimbabwe gains traction and people become more emboldened, the president seems to be keeping his head down.

Statue struggle rekindles bid to exhume Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes is buried just outside Bulawayo, but a Zanu-PF official – inspired by UCT protesters – wants his remains sent to the UK.

On a mission to ‘cleanse’ Zanu-PF

Sacked party stalwart Didymus Mutasa is going to court to get his job back and to restore Zanu-PF to 'legality'.

Axing Mujuru bodes ill for business in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Vice-President Joice Mujuru was a moderate who built up a good working relationship with those in commerce, and even the opposition.

Mugabe caps Grace with a doctorate

Doubt has been cast on the authenticity of the first lady's PhD, which bolsters her bid for a top party post.

Zim: Many claims for radio space

The broadcasting authority has declared a major shift but critics fear it signals more of the same.

SA pounces on weak Zim industries

Zimbabwe's crumbling industry sector has allowed investors to scoop up struggling companies.

SADC: Mugabe’s chance to lead

Will the president tone down his rhetoric to heal the rift with the Southern African Development Community?

Low-cost airline Fly Africa takes to the skies against Air Zimbabwe

Low-cost airline Fly Africa opens one route in September and looks into more, which may upset Air Zimbabwe's popular Harare-Bulawayo route.

Zim braced for wave of deportees

South Africa and Botswana want to limit the number of Zimbabweans in their countries.

Fast forward to a new Zimbabwe: Q&A with Tendai Biti

A new generation won't settle for more of the same and is talking deep-rooted change.

Mugabe versus Tsvangirai – again

The two leaders have been slugging it out since 2002 – and they will be at it again come the elections in 2018.

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