Ray Ndlovu

SA platinum strike gives Zim a lift

The short-term benefit is likely to be higher prices – and investors will start looking elsewhere.

Zim: Resentment simmers in civil servant wage delay

The delay in pay dates for civil servants is likely to continue as the cash-strapped state has to wait for money collected from Zimra to pay salaries.

State doublespeak leaves indigenisation policy hazy

The Zimbabwean government has been talking right and yet walking left on the empowerment programme, which is what has unnerved foreign investors.

Mugabe’s Damascus moment?

Pragmatism prevails as the president condemns land invaders at high-level politburo meeting.

Zim in move to axe gem middlemen

Government is looking to hold its own diamond auctions for international buyers later this year, in a move aimed at cutting out expensive middle-men.

Zim: The jury’s out on Judgment Night

The faithful in Zimbabwe are praying for deliverance – and so is the ruling party.

Zim’s manufacturing sector on a downward slide

Zimbabwe's manufacturing sector is threatened by cheap imports, a shortage of cash and little investment.

Zim: Hwange stalls on bailout

The cash strapped Hwange Colliery Company has again delayed a decision to accept a cash injection from British tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

Zim: State wants one miner for Marange

Zimbabwe wants a single diamond mining company to operate in Marange, and it looks like the frontrunner is one with close links to Robert Mugabe.

Zim: High prices draw farmers to tobacco, but for how long?

Agriculture experts warn about the hype around tobacco and the high prices that the crop is fetching.

Dear Robert Mugabe … happy 90th

Nevermind the naysayers, Your Excellency, why not make February 21 a public holiday?

Zim: Industry protectionist policy may backfire on government

The Zimbabwean government has restricted the importation of poultry and sugar, and banned maize imports.

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