Ray Ndlovu

Top Zim official caught up in land dispute

A functionary's murky claim to a neighbour's farm has jeopardised a gold mine on the property.

Zim needs to know its yen from its yuan

Zimbabwe is now the only country to use nine currencies as legal tender, but this is likely to lead to headaches for consumers and traders.

Zim: Pay hike talks can’t go on forever

Civil servants in Zimbabwe want the government to commit to a timetable to finalise wage negotiations.

Zim diaspora rejects olive-branch bonds

Zimbabweans living abroad not likely to take up Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa's offer to float bonds in order to help the government raise cash.

Zimbabwe’s ‘imaginary’ budget

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa's budget has lifted the lid on Zimbabwe's precarious financial position.

Zim: No softening of law for mines

President Robert Mugabe reiterated a hardline stance in response to rumours of the law's softening for mining firms in the country.

Zim: Mines lose their shine, worries govt

There is growing concern that Zimbabwe's diamond production has dipped.

Bulawayo denies disease risk as rationing remains in place

The city has had to decommission its major supply dams as water levels fall to drastic levels.

Zim may ignore indigenisation law for tycoon

Property tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten is offering $50-million to bail out the Hwange colliery - a move which would give him the controlling stake.

Why Zimbabwe can’t invade Mozambique

Zimbabwe's warnings of military action in Mozambique have raised questions about the Zimbabwean army's abilities.

Zim: Stalled deal shafts steel workers

The deadlocked buyout of Ziscosteel by a foreign investor has left its workers living hand to mouth.

Ncube MDC official who quit says voters were myopic

Qhubani Moyo's departure adds to the cocktail of troubles that is plaguing the opposition parties since their shock defeat at the hands of Zanu-PF.

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