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Nigerian preacher with 86 wives wins court reprieve

A Nigerian court said an 84-year-old preacher with 86 wives should be released from jail after he was held for failing to divorce all but four.

Squandered oil wealth leaves Nigeria in dark age

With oil prices at record highs, government coffers in the world's eighth biggest oil exporter are swollen to unprecedented levels.

Nigerian prisons a ‘national scandal’

Nigeria's prisons are a ''national scandal'', filled with thousands of inmates who have never been convicted of any crime while some prisoners wait decades to face trial, Amnesty International said on Tuesday. The human rights group said only about 35% of Nigerian inmates have been convicted in court.

Bird flu claims first human life in West Africa

Nigeria confirmed the first human death from the H5N1 virus in sub-Saharan Africa on Wednesday after tests on a dead woman showed she had contracted bird flu. The 22-year-old died after feathering and disembowelling an infected chicken. She was from Lagos, the commercial capital of Africa's most populous country, Information Minister Frank Nweke said.

Decay dims Africa’s once-proud universities

A visitor to Ibadan University in pre-independence Nigeria more than 50 years ago was impressed by its modern structure and 100 000-book library. Since then, Nigeria's premier university, which started in 1948 as a University of London college, has come down in the world.

Nigeria pulls troops from Bakassi before handover

Nigeria has pulled thousands of troops out of the Bakassi peninsula ahead of a Monday deadline for a complete withdrawal, but many residents said they will resist a handover to Cameroon. The International Court of Justice ruled in 2002 that Nigeria should turn over Bakassi to its eastern neighbour after a decades-long dispute that nearly brought the two to war in 1981.

Deal reached to end Chevron oil terminal siege

Oil major ChevronTexaco said on Tuesday it had reached a preliminary agreement to end a nine-day siege at its Escravos terminal by a group of elderly Nigerian women.

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