Ursula Hyzy

Chess champion Kasparov freed from Russian jail

Former chess champion turned Kremlin critic Garry Kasparov was freed from jail on Thursday and warned that Russia is sliding toward dictatorship under President Vladimir Putin. Kasparov complained that he had been denied access to a lawyer during the five days that he spent in a Moscow prison.

Science meets the market in a Siberian forest

A showcase town for researchers built 50 years ago by the Soviet authorities in a Siberian forest, Akademgorodok is today torn between the demands of the market and the ideals of pure scientific endeavour. The struggle to remain committed to pure science is felt throughout the town near Novosibirsk, where on the 2km main street alone there are no less than 40 institutes.

Post-Soviet stress crowds psychological centres

The stress of post-Soviet social changes ranging from work redundancies to rebellious children is forcing thousands of people to seek psychological help from a unique network of centres in Moscow. ''We're expanding and it's always full,'' said Valery Shatilo, deputy director of the Moscow Psychological Help Service.

Former inmates recount self-mutilation in Russian jail

Beatings and bullying have been taking place for years at the prison in western Russia where hundreds of prisoners have mutilated themselves in an unprecedented act of protest, former inmates said this week. Inmates at the prison began cutting their necks and stomachs with razor blades on the night of June 26-27 and 1 300 of them have since gone on hunger strike.

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