Vicki Robinson

It’s sink or swim for Sangoco

The future of the South African National NGO Coalition hangs in the balance after a meeting of its national executive committee last weekend to discuss allegations by staff members against executive director Abie Ditlhake

Apartheid claims mount

In what is growing into an unprecedented international lawsuit, United States attorneys Finkelstein, Thompson and Lougrhan on Friday filed a charge on behalf of six apartheid victims in the New York Eastern District Court.

Warning of genocide in Zim

Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF has instituted a wide-ranging campaign of torture and may be about to commit genocide against its opponents, say church organisations and Zimbabwean and international human rights groups.

A high price to pay

Outdated and dysfunctional government policy on transport subsidies for schoolchildren has emerged as another factor plaguing the attempts of poor families to ensure education for their children. Inadequate subsidies school fees and other expenses that deny children education.

ANC ‘seeks control’ of land group

The investigation by the National Land Committee board and its affiliates into Zakes Hlatshwayo, CEO of its national office in Johannesburg, has raised concerns among supporters that he is being deliberately silenced to ''immobilise and nullify'' the Landless People's Movement.

Brain drain to brain gain

Thousands of South Africans are hitting the runways to foreign destinations that have become inexhaustible asylums for people in search of their own economic success stories. However, rather than an unabated continuation of the brain drain, this could have positive repercussions for the country.

Probe into land committee boss

The board of the National Land Committee (NLC) and its affiliates are investigating the NLC’s best-known official, Zakes Hlatshwayo, CEO of its national office in Johannesburg. But the accusations against Hlatshwayo remain a mystery. The investigation began in September.

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