Cracks in the monolith

The ANC is in no danger of losing the election. But the party shows signs of losing voters' unquestioning struggle loyalty.

Which way is up?

Women are still struggling to break the glass ceiling in corporate South Africa, with only 306 directorships out of 2 851 held by women.

A new, softer rand

The presidency and the national treasury are in discussions about how to soften the South African currency, which the government admitted this week was overvalued and was adversely affecting the growth of the non- commodity export sector, which has the potential to soak up thousands of semi- and low-skilled job seekers.

SACP moves to go it alone

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has established a formal commission to review the proposal that it should contest elections -- a move that could be the first formal step toward the restructuring of the "tripartite alliance". The establishment of the body is a clear signal that a split between the SACP, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and the African National Congress may finally be taking shape.

The sunset speech

President Thabo Mbeki's to-do list as he goes into the final years of his presidency.

Top-secret semen

<a href=""><img src="" align=left border=0></a>The police forensic laboratory in Pretoria that is testing DNA samples obtained from the complainant in the rape claim against African National Congress deputy president Jacob Zuma is being heavily guarded to ensure that crucial evidence is not tampered with or the results leaked.

Holes revealed in Aids treatment programme

The government's comprehensive HIV/Aids treatment programme was launched 18 months ago and a proper system for monitoring and evaluating the roll-out is still not in place. Delays in installing the system account for a large chunk of the R39-million underspend by the Department of Health's HIV/Aids cluster this year, revealed by the mini-budget.

Motlanthe targeted in e-mail exchange

E-mail messages allegedly exchanged between senior African National Congress leaders outline a plan to work the financial destruction of ANC general secretary Kgalema Motlanthe, the <i>Mail & Guardian</i> established this week. The existence of the messages was confirmed at the weekend by Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils, and they are reported to have been unlawfully obtained by the National Intelligence Agency.

Neither Mbeki nor Zuma

The <i>Mail & Guardian</i> this week reveals the key strategies of leading tripartite alliance leaders for dealing with the trial of Jacob Zuma and the presidential succession. Senior leaders want to convince African National Congress president Thabo Mbeki and his deputy Zuma not to stand for election as party president and to find a compromise candidate to preserve unity in the ruling party.

A flawed way forward

The struggle for free, quality, basic education continues, despite the Cabinet's endorsement this month of a comprehensive action plan to address cost-related barriers that...

Matriculant’s dream survives – but system still ‘stinks’

The University of Natal has come to the rescue of a matriculant who, despite passing with four distinctions last year, had resigned himself to...

Tightening the taps

Operation Gcin’amanzi (conserve water) was launched by Johannesburg Water last year as a fail-safe solution to retrieve billions of rands in arrears that accumulated from the flat-rate system used during apartheid. Gcin’amanzi’s centrepiece is the roll-out of prepaid water meters to "conserve water and stop the bleeding in arrears", says Brian Hlongwe.

Press Releases

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