Virginie Montet

US creationists unswayed

They plan to become doctors, researchers and professors, but students from Liberty University also believe God created the Earth in week

Disease spreads in quake-hit Haiti

Haiti's desperate earthquake survivors faced a new deadly threat on Friday as the UN reported a rise in cases of diarrhea, measles and tetanus.

Haiti quake survivors face mounting insecurity

Haiti's quake survivors faced rising insecurity on Friday with thousands of criminals on the loose and reports of rape and violence.

Pioneer of US inter-racial marriages dies

Mildred Jeter Loving was a shy, unassuming black woman who never expected to make history when her landmark 1967 Supreme Court case ended the ban on interracial marriages in the United States. Loving (68) died on May 2 of pneumonia at her home in the town of Milford, Virginia.

N’Dour: ‘War on malaria’ is the one US should wage

''If the United States wants to win a war, it ought to be the war on malaria,'' says one of Africa's best-known singing stars, Youssou N'Dour. The Senegalese superstar, who played at the Kennedy Centre in Washington on Monday, takes time to throw the spotlight over to malaria, which in Africa kills almost a million children a year.

Homeless man is chess king of Washington

He sleeps on a bench, but he is king of chess during the day at Washington's Dupont Circle, where he dazzles beginners and masters alike with his winning moves on the park's stone chessboards. Tom Murphy (49) makes what little money he has from teaching his prodigious knowledge of the game to passersby for a few dollars.

Live at 100: iPods, fast food and surfing the web

They watch MTV, surf the web, have iPods, play video games and eat at fast-food restaurants. And, no, they're not your average United States teenager, but people over the age of 100 who shared the secrets of their longevity for a study released on Tuesday by Evercare, a health provider for the elderly in the United States.

US workers start seeing value of power nap

Sleeping on the job goes against the grain of American capitalism, but even United States businesses are now flirting with work-time ''power naps'' like those taken by more laid-back colleagues abroad. Not surprisingly, other businesses see the power nap as a money-making opportunity, to sell chairs, cocoons, pods and other devices.

Cooking oil cars turn the table on high fuel prices

A growing number of Americans are setting up mini-refineries in their homes to produce biodiesel, a fuel made from waste cooking oil which is cleaner and cheaper than the petrol sold in gas stations. The sky-high price of crude oil is scaring everyone.

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