Viv Groskop

Children: the best thing since Prozac

Having experienced depression, the writer feared motherhood would make the condition worse. But, for her, family life has had the opposite effect.

Baby-making goes back to basics

Beware of false hope and don't wait till your 30s to have children, says UK fertility expert.

Take to the floor

As the first specialised clinic offering vaginal strength tests, electronic toning and 'sexercise' packages opens in New York.

Yummy mummy wannabe

Six months after giving birth to her daughter, Eva, Orlaith McAllister had her breasts done, going from a C cup to a D cup. ''I breastfed for five weeks and I noticed that my breasts got smaller, especially on one side,'' she says. ''When Eva was born, she latched on to the left breast immediately and got to like that one, so it was noticeably smaller.

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