Vivian Mooki

SA hopes for favourable deal at climate conference

It was unrealistic for developing countries such as South Africa to commit to carbon emission targets, because of their economic status.

Boks arrive in Jo’burg to warm welcome

The heroic Springboks were welcomed back to home soil on Monday by a variety of fans reflecting the popularity of the world champions.

Fifa frets over Safa elections

Fifa has vowed to monitor the upcoming SA Football Association (Safa) elections to ensure they do not effect preparations for the Soccer World Cup.

Egyptian team wounded by reports of sex workers

The Egyptian national team has hit back at media reports that players who were robbed in their hotel rooms had been entertaining sex workers.

Zuma: ‘You touch the ANC, you touch a lion’

Hundreds of African National Congress supporters braved a wintry Johannesburg on Thursday night to celebrate the party's victory.

Zim refugees: UNHCR warns of xenophobic attacks

Preventing the transportation of refugees from Musina to Johannesburg was likely to ignite xenophobic attacks, the UNHCR said on Thursday.

Forensic analyst admits erring on Motata’s blood

The forensic analyst who assessed Judge Nkola Motata's blood-alcohol content on Wednesday admitted to ignoring scientific standards.

Five Jeppe massacre accused found guilty

Gunpowder residue and DNA samples were all the evidence needed for judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng to place three men at the scene of a shoot-out in Jeppe.

Unions divided over Kumba offer

Unions that have launched strikes at the Kumba mining company have taken separate paths since Kumba made an offer on Wednesday. While labour union Solidarity said that it had accepted 7,75% and 8,75% pay hike offers, the National Union of Mineworkers, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and the Black Allied Mining and Construction Workers' Union have rejected it.

SPCA investigates teens for mouse ‘snuff movie’

Three Randburg teenage girls and a boy are being questioned by animal anti-cruelty authorities after they allegedly tormented a mouse with a lit cigarette before spraying it with an aerosol can and setting it on fire. The group was caught out after a video recorded on a cellphone landed at the offices of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Randburg.

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