Vladimir Isachenkov

Russia responds to Ukraine sanctions, bans Western foods

The decision to ban most food imports from the West shows that President Vladimir Putin has no intention of bowing to Western pressure over Ukraine.

Russia vows to set missiles against US shield

Russia has threatened to deploy missiles to target the US missile shield in Europe if Washington fails to assuage Moscow's concerns about its plans.

Cheney’s speech opening shot in ‘second Cold War’

Russian media described United States Vice-President Dick Cheney's harsh criticism of the Kremlin as the start of a new Cold War and a reprise of Winston Churchill's famous ''Iron Curtain'' speech, reflecting deepening distrust between Washington and Moscow.

Russian submariner: ‘It was cold, cold, very cold’

Russian crewmen walked ashore unsteadily, rescued from a three-day ordeal after their mini-submarine surfaced with all seven crew members safe after being trapped deep under the Pacific Ocean in the frigid darkness. Six were taken to a hospital on the mainland for examination, waving to relatives as they went in.

Russian sub surfaces after being trapped for three days

A Russian mini-submarine that was trapped for nearly three days under the Pacific Ocean surfaced on Sunday with all seven people aboard alive after a British remote-controlled vehicle cut away the undersea cables that had snarled it. All seven aboard the AS-28 mini-submarine appeared to be in satisfactory condition, naval spokesman Captain Igor Dygalo said.

Rescuers struggle to save sailors trapped in submarine

A British plane carrying a robotic underwater vehicle arrived on Saturday as part of an international effort to help rescue seven people trapped aboard a Russian mini-submarine off the Pacific coast. Captain Igor Dygalo said the Super Scorpio was being unloaded for transport to the area where the submarine has been trapped since Thursday.

Russia ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Russia's Upper House of Parliament on Wednesday ratified the Kyoto Protocol and sent it to President Vladimir Putin for the final stamp of approval that will bring the global climate pact into force early next year. The Federation Council voted 139-1 to endorse the protocol, which aims to stem global warming.

Chechens warned against nuclear blackmail

Russia's former nuclear minister warned Chechen rebels that if they engage in nuclear terrorism, Moscow would retaliate with such force that the breakaway region would disappear from the map.

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