Vuyani Ngalwana
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/ 2 March 2009

‘Agents of change’

After a month back at school, you have hopefully established your rhythm for 2009. I hope that as you map your year ahead you will think about your role in protecting learners from HIV and Aids. As a competent teacher you can play a key role in HIV prevention.

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/ 19 August 2005

I am an AA candidate and proud of it

I have no illusion about my appointment as Pension Funds Adjudicator. I am quite certain that even with the extensive legal experience I have in income tax law, pension law and constitutional law (among other numerous talents), the chances of my appointment under the previous National Party government ) would have been firmly quashed by the colour of my skin.

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/ 2 May 2001


POVERTY elimination strategies should treat women not only as the worst victims of poverty, but also as potential agents of change, Education Minister Kader Asmal said on Monday. In a speech prepared for delivery at the opening of an expert group meeting on water-related environmental education in African cities, Asmal said there was little recognition […]