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My life as a saboteur

Former guerilla Thandi Modise, recently released after eight years in prison for sabotage, tells how she fled South Africa for military training.

How we got into the embassy

We just marched out of the Hillbrow Hospital... Then we went to Noord street, where there are a lot of taxis. ..

After three years on the run, Johnny Issel turns himself in

Activist Johhny Issel, in hiding for almost three years, gave himself up yesterday after some remarkable concessions were wrenched from the police.

Battle of the bald eagles

The National Party failed last night to resolve the battle between South Africa's two most powerful men.

PW bounces back and that little ray of glasnot dims

It had been generally assumed that PW Botha would return to office for a brief period, then retire gracefully.

Vlok’s prison strike crisis

The detainees' hunger strike now involving almost 300 inmates, seven of whom are in hospital is developing into a crisis for the government.

Feuds led to Pietie’s tumble

A family feud about money is believed to have led to disclosure of alleged financial irregularities involving the Minister of Manpower.

And now it’s Mandela, LIB

Jailed African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela has obtained his LIB degree.

Mandela in pictures

His name is known around the globe, but his face has been unknown in his country. This week, all that changed.

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