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Panama or Cape, the cargo’s still lethal

A Japanese ship containing one ton of plutonium - enough to kill South Africa's entire population, is scheduled to leave the French port of Cherbourg.

Watch out FW, the crunch is coming

Last night the government was due to announce its response to the ANC's 14 conditions for the resumption of talks.

Where a massacre is a way of life

Boipatong was just the latest in a series of masscares on the Reef which average tow a month and claim on average 25 lives, reports Beathur Baker.

Unheralded and unnoticed, a nation is born

A new nation is being created, almost unnoticed, in troubled Horn of Africa.

Kaunda warned: Retire or you’ll be humiliated

Kenneth Kaunda's power is threatened.

Young lion prepares to challenge for leadership

Zambian elections: It looks like the end of the road for an African strong-man.

Somafco pupils wait to come home

The Solo­mon Mahlangu Freedom College (Somafco) in Tanzania for South African refugees has recently closed.

Court told of secret police death squad

​Details of a secret police hit squad of "African National Congress defectors", called the Askari Group, emerged in the Cape Supreme Court yesterday.

In full: Mandela’s letter to Buthelezi

The full text of the recent letter from Nelson Mandela to Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

A banning costs Godfrey R420 a day

If Godfrey Moekoa is to keep to the terms of his Emergency restriction or­der, it will cost him about R420 every day.

PW sets scene for bitter election war

President PW Botha’s announcement yesterday that parliament would be dissolved at the end of May has set the scene for a bitter election fight.

Crocker flies in to douse the war flames

A multi-pronged international initiative is under way to rescue the stricken Namibian independence process from total collapse.

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