Werner van Wyk

Gerrie ‘The Bulldog’ Nel barks up wrong tree on Kelly Khumalo’s rights

Nel’s attempt to bring into question Khumalo’s innocence for the non-crime of soliciting a lawyer not only affects her rights but those of every South African

An open letter to Ukraine’s ambassador in South Africa

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is wanton disregard for human life but South Africa too is experiencing a humanitarian crisis

When it comes to defining ‘harm’ in the Hate Speech Bill, words matter

When held to the purifying flames of common sense, the interpretation of the word ‘harm’ quickly turns to ash.

Government-controlled cryptocurrencies could lead to a dystopian future

A government could program its cryptocurrency with whatever features it deems necessary. It would allow states to control what money should be spent on, where it could be spent, when or even by whom

If the European Union wants to take offence over South Africa’s stance on Ukraine, it must be consistent

If holding a gun to a nation’s head may be justified on the grounds of avoiding human death and suffering, where was their gun when the Rohingyas were murdered and fled from their homes in Myanmar or when a US drone killed Afghan civilians?

Parental leave laws work against mothers and fathers

Women get 16 weeks of leave and men two weeks to look after their newborn. This drives women from work and prevents men from participating in child rearing

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