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South Africa’s liberals are failing to wrap their heads around race

The white liberal establishment, both inside and outside the DA, holds onto its race-blindness by distorting the South African idea of “non-racialism”

Afrikaner identity in post-apartheid SA remains stuck in whiteness

Afrikaners in post-apartheid South Africa struggle with a historical sense of inferiority that reinforces their whiteness.

Life behind bars: An inspecting judge of prisons unlocks inmates’ stories

South Africa’s jails have one of the lowest percentages of women prisoners in the world – but among the highest number of men

ANC policy papers point to a party in a panic about losing power

Documents released ahead of the policy conference of the ANC show it hasn't the guts or internal balance of forces, for self-correction and renewal.

Peace process as cover for occupation

A visit to Israel today shows that it is still 'a Jewish movement for colonial settlement'.

Deaths from unsafe abortions are rising

The stigmatisation of abortion continues, also at the highest levels of government. Plus, illegal abortion providers have proliferated.

Race: The DA’s elephant in the policy room

Can the Democratic Alliance chart a way forward for liberalism and rid itself of a pernicious form of whiteness, asks Christi van der Westhuizen.

Going gaga to get my bit

Despite being something of a multinational corporation in her own right, Lady Gaga has been unable to save her art from the clammy paw of consumerism.

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