Xan Rice

Amnesty deal in Niger Delta

An amnesty deal by the Nigerian government for militants in the Niger Delta aimed at reducing unrest in the oil-rich region came into effect this week

To catch the wind

A bleak desert becomes useful as Kenya plans the continent's biggest wind farm. Xan Rice reports.

Rwanda haunted by human rights abuses

Rwanda's suitability for Commonwealth membership this year has been questioned because of its human rights record.

Hoofed out of the Masai Mara

The giraffe population of Kenya's Masai Mara game reserve has declined up to 95% because of increased human settlement around the unfenced park.

Sick and stranded

Up to 650 000 people in Darfur have been left without access to full healthcare, writes Xan Rice.

Kenya police’s executions policy slammed

Police killings during the post-election violence in January 2008 and a counter-insurgency campaign have been criticised by human rights groups.

Organic farm blossoms in Kenyan mega-slum

Victor Matioli's organic pumpkins are plump, his coriander aromatic and his spinach "very soft, sweet and tasty".

Sweet life of piracy

Thanks to some spectacular ocean catches, a former fishing outpost is now a booming mini-town, write Xan Rice and Abdiqani Hassan.

Bittersweet return for Olympic star

The most celebrated woman in Kenya is not a politician, nor a pop star. She is a humble 18-year-old with a devastating sprint.

UN to buy surplus food from poorer producers

More than 350 000 small-scale farmers in Africa and Central America will soon begin selling produce to the UN.

Rising family values for Kenya’s ladies one to three

The spouses of Kenya's vice-president and prime minister will be paid R44 800 a month for showcasing the "nation's family values.

‘Rwandan fugitive protected by Kenya’

Rwandan prosecution team is considering asking the UN to take action against Kenya.

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