Xan Rice

The Bible in Africanese

''The one with the diarrhoea opens the door'' might seem an unlikely sentence in a book explaining biblical scriptures. So too essays on witchcraft, rape, ancestral worship and female genital mutilation. But Africa Bible Commentary, a new 1 600-page tome, provides explanations of verses from all 66 books of the Bible, using local proverbs and idioms.

A taste of peace

''What has happened in Mogadishu is a miracle,'' said Abdi Haji Gobdon, the 62-year-old director of Voice of Peace radio in the Somali capital. ''We are still trying to take it all in.'' Three weeks ago, the last of Mogadishu's warlords were chased from the city by a combination of Islamist militia fire power and what people here describe as a ''societal uprising''.

Darfur’s rebels turn on each other

With Darfur's remaining rebels still refusing to sign a peace deal, fighters from African tribes who were united against the Sudanese government have turned on each other. Around Tawilla, thousands of civilians have been displaced since the beginning of the year following deadly violence between two ethnically divided factions of the Sudan Liberation Army.

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