Chris Mcgreal

‘I won everything’: How Trump is impressing voters of all stripes

The Republican frontrunner has bragged about picking up support in nearly every demographic – and he’s not far off base.

Palestinian flag raised at the UN: Symbol of ‘hope’ no substitute for a state

There was much talk of ‘hope’ as the Palestinian flag was raised for the first time over the United Nations. Hope for what, though, was up in the air.

Psychobabble and the Middle East

The anti-Obama sentiment of former ambassador Michael Oren lays bare Israel's feeling of betrayal by the US.

Fear and bluster in Congress

Netanyahu condemned US nuclear talks with Iran, but Obama hit back at his empty rhetoric.

Obama snubs Netanyahu to hamper re-election

The White House is making its anger clear about the Israeli leader's intention to attack US-Iran policy.

Legalise marijuana campaign on a roll in US

Dagga laws are loosening up in the United States, and campaigners believe this trend will continue.

US counters Sino-African trade boom

The summit of African leaders was used by President Barack Obama as a platform for enthusiastic economic promises.

US versus them, this time in Africa

Nigeria is wary of American aid, for fear the US military may gain a foothold in the country.

How Africa has changed in Mandela’s lifetime

Nelson Mandela's life spanned the continent's transition from colonialism to independence as the white powers that ruled it were forced out.

No kid gloves for Obama in Israel

United States President Barack Obama made his first official visit to Israel this week, amid warnings from some of Israel's leading supporters.

Americans fear weapon control laws after Connecticut shooting

Karl Durkheimer's gun shop enjoyed record sales of semi-automatic firearms -- "modern sporting rifles", as he calls them -- and handguns last weekend.

Nobel winners call for Israel embargo

A group of Nobel Peace Prize winners, prominent artists and activists has issued a call for an international military boycott of Israel.

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