Chris Mcgreal

Hamas unscathed by hi-tech war

Although Hamas leadership is in hiding, Israel's missiles have failed to obliterate its authority, writes Chris McGreal in Beit Lahiya.

Petraeus: Bitten by an FBI ‘bulldog’

Frederick Humphries has lived up to his deadly reputation by setting in motion the investigation that brought down David Petraeus as CIA director.

Hunt on for Libya bombers

The United States has vowed to avenge the consulate attack that killed its ambassador and would work alongside the Libyan government.

September 11 comes calling again

Sikhs in Wisconsin in the US have been routinely abused and taunted before the temple shooting. Chris McGreal reports.

Mitt Romney fumbles foreign affair

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been lambasted for his embarrassing gaffes during his visit to the United Kingdom.

Mitt Romney’s London visit is a test of his foreign policy acumen

Romney arrived in London pursued by calls to use this overseas tour to define a foreign policy that amounts to more than criticising the president.

US says Rwanda’s Kagame may be charged with aiding war crimes

The head of the US war crimes office has warned Rwanda's leaders they could face prosecution for arming groups responsible for atrocities in the DRC.

Drones torpedo Obama support

A survey of global opinion about Obama shows large numbers of non-Americans feel badly let down by the man awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.

Romney set with Wisconsin, Maryland, DC wins

Mitt Romney's decisive victories in three Republican presidential primaries have positioned him to try and knock Rick Santorum out of the contest.

For better or for worse, the US and China are wed

The two countries with the world's largest economies must co-exist in a relationship and despite their frosty relationship, the future is promising.

Tehran is ‘immune to sanctions’

US officials say the embargoes against Iran are doomed to fail and are now just a means to delay an attack by Israel on the country.

Now it’s Obama vs moneyed elite

The US president has launched his first salvo in an election race marked by financial issues.

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