Chris Mcgreal

Republican race heats up in South Carolina primaries

Republican candidates are gearing up for party nominations after Newt Gingrich's sensational victory in South Carolina threw the race wide open.

US weapons arm Mexican gangs

Drug cartels kill thousands of police officers and civilians each year, but gun control remains lax.

Israel, US ramp up call for Iran sanctions

The United States and Israel are expected to press for tougher sanctions against Tehran following a report by the United Nations's nuclear watchdog.

Palestinian statehood: Plan to avoid showdown

Compromise would see Mahmoud Abbas submit a letter to UN Security Council, which would then defer the vote until further talks.

US risks losing Arab ally

The US would provoke an uproar among Muslims worldwide and further undermine its position in a changing Arab world if it again sides with Israel

US remembers the victims of 9/11 with tributes and tears

The day began exactly as it did on that fateful date 10 years ago: under a crystal-clear sky that heightened the colours of the city.

Debunking the Truthers’ conspiracy theories

For the past decade "9/11 Truthers" have claimed the tragedy was part of a bigger conspiracy. Does the evidence stack up?

Serious crime plummets in America

Figures show that murder, rape and robbery rates in the US have fallen to a 48-year low.

US senators call for cross-Atlantic privacy violation probe

The institutional shareholders, led by Amalgamated Bank, said it was "inconceivable" that Rupert Murdoch did not know of rampant phone hacking.

Netanyahu spurns US pressure for Palestinian deal

The Israeli premier has spurned American pressure to make a significant gesture towards peace to stave off international support.

The courage of ordinary people standing up to Gaddafi

<b>Chris McGreal</b> has spent the past seven weeks in Benghazi. Here he reveals why Libya's revolution is one of the most inspiring he has witnessed.

Falling apart at the seams

After a week of stunning setbacks, Libya's rebels continue to struggle with a lack of discipline.

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