Chris Mcgreal

Rebels fail to take key town

In the fluctuating fortunes of Libya's military uprising, the rebels advanced on Muammar Gaddafi's home town, Sirte, retaking lost ground.

Prolonged conflict possible

The US and Britain consider arming the Libyan rebels if airstrikes fail to dislodge Gaddafi.

Rebels still being held at bay

The Libyan rebels watched in awe, some with a creeping admiration for their foe, as the narrow plumes of thick black smoke rose one after the other.

‘People aren’t afraid’

Almost everything is against the ragtag rebel army in Libya but they will not be deterred.

Future looking bright for Obama

Less than three months ago Obama was being declared a political corpse as his opponents seized control of the lower House of Congress.

Five flashpoints

Barack Obama faces a divided legislature, with the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives.

Obama accused of caving to GOP ‘blackmail’

Senior Democrats dismayed as US president accedes to Republican demands.

Israel moots spy deal

US approached with deal to continue building moratorium in exchange for the release of Jonathan Pollard, convicted of spying in 1987.

The witch that refuses to be buried

A symbolic funeral held to give hurricane victims closure has highlighted the ongoing trauma faced by those who fled and those who have returned.

Rwanda fingered for war crimes

The UN has accused Rwanda of wholesale war crimes, including possibly genocide, during years of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Israel and Palestine to resume peace talks

Israel and the Palestinians are to resume direct peace talks next week under pressure from Washington to break years of political stalemate.

Kremlin attacks ‘cold war’ tactics

Spy affair a deliberate attempt to undermine improved US-Russia relations, says Moscow.

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