Karen Mcveigh
Karen Mcveigh works from London, England. Global development reporter @Guardian Karen Mcveigh has over 3653 followers on Twitter.
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/ 26 October 2007

Walk on the wired side

The asset’s coordinates are longitude -0.098610, latitude 51.519699. At least that’s what the read-out on my computer screen says. I’ve never heard my son, Robbie, described as an asset before, but I guess there’s a first time for anything. Two minutes later, I get an update. He’s barely moved.

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/ 23 July 2007

High price for cheap clothes

Two toddlers sit on a rusting grille platform built on bamboo stilts at the entrance to one of Bangladesh’s fastest-growing housing developments. Three feet below them lies a festering mound of rubbish, into which a gushing waste pipe from a nearby factory discharges. Beyond them are rows and rows of windowless, airless, corrugated iron rooms, stacked on top of each other like chicken coops.