Paul Lewis

‘I won everything’: How Trump is impressing voters of all stripes

The Republican frontrunner has bragged about picking up support in nearly every demographic – and he’s not far off base.

Clinton and Trump go into caucuses leading key poll

Bernie Sanders draws biggest crowds and Donald Trump goes evangelical on the last night of campaigning before bellwether vote.

Peacekeepers probed for rape, killing

Men sent to stabilise the Central African Republic are accused of sexual violation and civilian death.

Cuba raises flag in Washington as embassy reopens after half a century

Cuba's foreign minister takes the hugely symbolic step of raising his country's flag at a newly designated embassy in Washington.

Democrats in the deep end

Midterm poll defeat will rattle presidential heir-apparent Hillary Clinton.

More troops, fire power for Israel

The security Cabinet has bolstered the state's resources in order to expand its attacks on Gaza.

Roundabout way to a swing state

Georgia was always a Republican stronghold, but the Democrats' base is growing fast.

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of suspected heroin overdose

The body of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who won an Oscar for his role in Capote, has been discovered in his apartment after a suspected drug overdose.

Legal haze fogs US cannabis laws

Federal and state laws in the United States are not in sync, but the future full-scale legalisation of marijuana might not be too far off.

Secret steps to Middle East peace

The first meetings between Palestinian and Israeli officials have been hailed as 'positive' and 'constructive'.

CIA to ship arms to Syria

US House and Senate give green light to Obama’s plan to supply light weapons to rebel groups.

Relief at voices of trapped miners

Psychologists 'happily surprised' by condition of miners after 19 days on shift foreman's strict rationing in underground bunker.

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