Paul Lewis

Planes grounded as Thai protests take off

Bangkok was effectively cut off this week as the city's second airport was closed after it was stormed by anti-government protesters.

How an angry officer shamed the tyrant Mugabe

It was the murder of his uncle that convinced a prison officer to bring to bring to the world a visual account of life in Zimbabwe under Mugabe.

Raves for wrinklies

The thudding bass that seeped from London's Fabric nightclub in the early hours gave away no clues. It was just after midnight -- earlier than usual -- when the contents of the club began stumbling out on the pavement, revealing the first signs that something was amiss.

The quest for equal pay at Wimbledon

The British Culture Minister, Tessa Jowell, this week called for the abolition of the pay differences between men and women players at the Wimbledon championship. In a letter sent the week before the competition starts the secretary of state for culture, media and sport expressed ''deep concern'' over the gender disparity in prize money at the tournament.

Peugeot quits UK, angering workers

Britain's hard-pressed manufacturing base received a new blow on Tuesday when French car-maker PSA Peugeot-Citroën said it was pulling out of the United Kingdom, closing its Ryton car factory at Coventry in the West Midlands with the loss of 2 300 jobs. The news was received with dismay by trade unions and local business leaders.

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