Patrick Kingsley

Ban Ki-moon attacks ‘restrictive’ EU asylum policies

New measures "constitute a legal wall to asylum just as despicable as a razor-wire fence”, says Human Rights Watch.

Hundreds drown in Libyan refugee exodus

Refugees panicked and drowned as the overloaded boat they were dumped on sank.

Turkish traders profit off Syrian refugees

Transporting Syrian refugees is big business for shipwrights, shoe shops and smugglers alike in Turkey.

Fortress Europe is no match for the horrors of war

Rumours and confusion are growing as European leaders show little will to manage the thousands of desperate people fleeing bitter, deadly conflict.

Pragmatism eases pain for refugees

Change in governments' policy sees a reduction in chaos as the flow of people to the EU continues.

Trading in souls: Inside the world of the people smugglers

Abu Hamada, the kingpin of the Syrian smuggling network in Egypt, earns about $90 000 a week but sees nothing wrong in profiting from migrants.

Sisi targets those on death row

Without an elected Parliament, the Egyptian president can change the law.

How Mohamed Morsi ended up on death row

Surrounded by golden mantlepieces, tasselled curtains, a coterie of suits - Morsi didn't have the air of a man about to be ousted as president.

Airstrikes ‘won’t deter migrants’

More than just military action is needed in Libya to curb desperate refugees and hungry smugglers.

Divided Europe is all at sea over desperate migrants

The challenge is huge but there are some things that could ease the tragic situation.

Ending migrant rescue missions has not curbed demand, say smugglers

Smugglers responsible for putting migrants to sea in inadequate vessels say they do not force refugees to board any boat against their will.

Hundreds of migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck

Hundreds more people are believed to have drowned when a fishing boat smuggling migrants to Europe capsized off Libya.

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