Dan Roberts

Ten inconsistencies in Trump’s foreign policy

How closely the Republican frontrunner’s first big foreign policy speech stands up to detailed scrutiny is already the subject of fierce debate.

Cruz slows Trump’s steamroller

Texas senator Ted Cruz described his recent win as a "turning point" in the Republican presidential race.

Sanders gets a sweet taste of victory

Bernie Sanders is on a roll after the upset win in Michigan - but the odds on him winning are slim.

Sanders wins stunning upset over Clinton, Trump wins big in Michigan primary

Vermont senator had trailed in polls by more than 20 points but opposition to free trade and growing African American support lead to victory.

Trump marches toward nomination as Clinton sweeps south on Super Tuesday

Trump and Clinton win seven states and start to look toward general election even as Cruz and Sanders each claim victory in multiple states.

Insurgent champs steal US hearts

Sanders and Trump are leading separate fronts in the rebellion against the political establishment

Clinton and Trump go into caucuses leading key poll

Bernie Sanders draws biggest crowds and Donald Trump goes evangelical on the last night of campaigning before bellwether vote.

What will it take to stop Donald Trump?

For months, Trump has defied the laws of political gravity by maintaining his lead despite a never-ending string of controversies.

Obama, Netanyahu strike hawkish tone on US military aid to Israel

Israeli prime minister’s visit aimed at negotiating the new 10-year military aid package and Obama says there’s no question it will be renewed.

US ratchets up tension with China

But the Pentagon is insisting its naval provocation did not breach any international maritime laws.

Clinton bid suffers spate of setbacks

The Democratic frontrunner is no longer a shoo-in, leading to mounting pressure on Biden to run.

Hope for an American jump to the left

A shift is taking place in the Democrats, which optimists hope will embrace grassroot Americans. Bernie Sanders is their candidate.

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