Zoe Williams

The Oscars whiteout is driven by racism – and greed

The Hollywood film industry has never tested the idea that a black actor could be more bankable than a white one

The injustice of miscarriage

We need to accept that things can go wrong and there is no place for blame or shame.

Hell is when Apple freezes ova

Forget freezing eggs – firms should welcome pregnancy as a chance to invest in its staff.

Free from male manipulation

Kate Bush shows how women come into their own if men don’t mess with their creativity.

Atheists: Excluded and overlooked

It's not just refugee law. The low status accorded to unbelievers has now become a matter of systematic civic exclusion, writes Zoe Williams.

Play-Doh to Playboy

A US study of 4000 children has shown that what we have long been wringing our hands about with girls is also true of boys.

Ogling is an Olympic sport

An objectification amnesty has been declared for the duration of the Olympic Games - a smorgasbord of physical perfection, whatever your taste.

Olympics medal count excludes sex

Protecting athletes' sexual health at the Olympics requires many years of planning. There are pool tables to distract them, for example.

Whipping up an S&M wet dream

Why oh why have the erotic fantasies in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy seduced millions of women?

Divide and rule, feminists

When we try to present a united front we are not asking too much of ourselves, we are asking too little, says <b>Zoe Williams</b>.

Smacking will never be right

Parental duties must not be done in anger and corporal punishment is therefore not justified

Getting the bad news overload

Revolutions, earthquakes, famine, scandals and killings -- the headlines keep coming relentlessly.

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