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IEC throws ANC a candidate registration lifeline

DA threatens court action over the reopening of the candidate nomination process

Concourt dismisses IEC application to postpone elections

The ANC will be the hardest hit by the order having failed to register with the Electoral Commission of South Africa its candidates in no less than 93 municipalities

ANC heads to electoral court to get the IEC to reopen the local government registration list

The party has blamed the Covid-19 lockdown for not submitting its candidates list to the Electoral Commission of South Africa on time

ANC begs staff to be flexible with their go-slow to help meet IEC deadline

ANC general manager Fébé Potgieter has written to staff appealing to them to be flexible in implementing their go-slow protest to allow them to...

IEC publishes 27 October election date as required by law, but wants to postpone

A report by former deputy chief justice Dikgang Moseneke opens the possibility of a postponement

Government proclaims 27 October for local elections, but supports IEC postponement bid

The IEC has accepted former deputy chief justice Dikgang Moseneke’s recommendation to postpone the vote to February, but still needs Constitutional Court approval to do so

IEC to ask the courts to postpone local elections

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission of South Africa said the Moseneke inquiry found that the elections would not be free and fair if held in October

IEC says Covid-19 won’t stop 27 October elections

Election campaign and voter mobilisation launched on Wednesday as IEC gears up to host local government elections during pandemic

IEC ready for elections, but says Covid-19 trajectory is unknown factor

Legally, the local government election must be held this year and the government hasn’t said why they wouldn’t go ahead, says the Electoral Commission of South Africa

IEC says it is ready for election, but cautions it has not control over Covid-19 spikes

The chief executive of the IEC, Sy Mamabolo, assured the Salga leaders assembly that the organisation would deliver a free and fair election.

IEC gears up for its ‘most challenging’ elections

There will be one voter registration weekend for local government elections on October 27, because of budget cuts caused by the pandemic

‘All systems go’ for IEC’s Political Party Funding Act

The Act, which regulates political party funding, came into effect on 1 April and aims to make donations transparent.

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