/ 15 April 2023

How the lottery helps charities and non-profit organisations

Dankie Lottoland

Redirecting some lottery funds to worthy causes has occurred for generations in countries with well-established lotto funds

One of the big selling points of lottery competitions is that some revenue is redirected to good causes. Some people in countries such as the United Kingdom have raised concerns about how the selection process chooses one charity instead of another.

However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who believes that redirecting some money from a lottery fund to a charity that helps disenfranchised individuals or families is a bad idea.

By looking at some of the key charities that benefit the most from lottery funding and how they use it to benefit individuals and the wider community, you will better understand the scale of the operation and how companies look to give back. Lottoland South Africa is one of the most prominent lotto competitions that have made steps in helping South African citizens, through many different incentives.

While the central prize money and other smaller prizes are all regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, they also oversee the activity of charities and non-profit organisations that benefit from the lotto funding.

Responsible betting

Buying a lotto ticket now and again can add a bit of spice to your weekend, but ensure that you are only playing for fun and not viewing the lotto as a source of income. If you spend too much time or money or get too emotional playing these games, you must speak to somebody who can help you. Responsible betting is crucial, and the dangers of excessive gambling shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Dankie Lottoland

Probably the most high-profile example of a lotto fund that looks to inject some good back into the community, Dankie Lottoland was a TV programme focusing on celebrities travelling to various charities and doing a day of work to help raise awareness for the various non-profit and charity organisations.

Many charities and at-risk individuals benefit from this incentive when they receive some redirected funds from lotto tickets. In addition, if a rollover occurs, some money is redirected to the same charities.

Whether it is charities that focus on helping the poorest in society, those who require palliative care or help with education, they all receive a portion of funding, which helps to bring a smile to the faces of those less fortunate.

In addition, celebrities helped boost the profile of Dankie Lottoland, Lottoland South Africa and the various organisations that look to make a difference within their communities by looking after the most vulnerable.

Similar ideas in other countries

Redirecting some lottery funds to worthwhile and worthy projects isn’t anything new. It has occurred for generations in countries with a well-established lotto fund. For instance, the national lottery fund in the United Kingdom has donated billions to charitable causes over the last 20 years.

In addition, some investment projects have benefitted from lotto funding, which is sometimes where the line blurs for some people, although  for most redirecting funds to look after society’s most vulnerable is worthwhile.

Some analysts have stated that the United Kingdom’s choice to redirect some of this funding to Olympic athletes diverts it into the wrong areas. It has, however, led to more British athletes winning medals at Olympic and Paralympic games. It will certainly benefit society in general if this can springboard future generations into getting active and healthy.

The Olympic games are viewed by some as irrelevant compared to people who are in desperate need in the present day, such as people who can’t afford to feed themselves due to the cost of living crisis. Therefore, it is a careful balancing act to strike, and something that not everybody will always agree on.


As long as lotto funds continue to help society’s poorest and most disenfranchised, they will be able to alleviate some of the concerns that people have around gambling. The companies involved can provide evidence that the money also helps worthwhile causes, which helps strike a balance in a complicated discussion.

It would be naive to suggest there is no downside to gambling, but as long as you are gambling within your means, you can be satisfied knowing that even if you don’t win, some of your money goes to a worthwhile cause.