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How US foreign policy under Donald Trump has affected Africa

Lesotho has been used as a microcosm in this article to reflect how the foreign policy has affected Africa

End voluntourism and the white saviour industrial complex

We need to dismantle the unequal systems we have upheld in Africa. Divesting from missionary tours is a good place to start

The rise of civil society in South Africa

Organisations need to collaborate and connect in order to take the lead

Stay at home, Cyril said. But what about the homeless?

In Tshwane, forcing homeless people off the street resulted in chaos and the abuse of a vulnerable population. In Durban, a smooth, well-planned operation fared far better

NGOs today: Competing for resources, power and agency

NGOs play a critical role in advancing social change and transformation, but their current funding model needs to be addressed for them to make a sustainable impact in South Africa

South Africa, where education creates shared value

Enel Green Power believes that education is one of the fundamental elements for the socioeconomic development of any community

The killing of people with albinism is driven by myth and international inaction

An upcoming UN meeting on witchcraft and human rights is to focus on the rising attacks on Albinos and the trade of body parts in sub-Saharan African

Editorial: Oh, those wicked NGOs

Labelling aid organisations as secret spy operations is not just nonsense, it can also cost people's lives.

Draft Bill puts nonprofits on edge

NPOs fear increasing state control, and an amplification of the existing dysfunction.

South Africans killed in attack on Kabul compound

The South African head of an organisation, his son and daughter, and one Afghan were killed in a Taliban attack on a compound for foreigners in Kabul.

Zimbabwe’s embattled NGO sector feels pinch

Charitable bodies are reeling from the global financial crisis as donor aid slows to a trickle.

Government: Anti-poaching organisations must register

The department of environmental affairs has said all NGO and NPO anti-poaching initiatives must register to ensure funds are being used properly.

Zimbabwe forsakes the vulnerable

A report says the national budget has failed to provide adequately for vulnerable citizens as the economic crisis deepends.

Zim: Masvingo welcomes back NGOs

A ban on aid bodies in the Masvingo province has been lifted, and government is appealing to NGOs to resume operations there.

Do more than paint classrooms

Plan better and deliver more, conference hears.

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R2.3bn VBS trial expected to only begin in 2022

The state is expected to request a 16 week-long trial, as delays stymie progress in the saga.

Eastern Cape citizens don’t have to visit the labour department for UIF

This measure, aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19, may shortly be introduced in other regions.

VBS case delays cause massive frustration

A certificate is needed from the head of the NPA for more arrests to be made

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