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Q&A Sessions: ‘I am a product of opportunities’ — Theo Baloyi

Theo Baloyi, motivated by his love for sneakers and his goal of reducing unemployment, founded Bathu in 2015. He shares his transition from corporate employee to entrepreneur

Bokang Mosala: ‘I am an entrepreneur at heart’

Businessman Bokang Mosala has, from a young age, chased financial independence. In high school, he sold sweets and at university he embarked on various business ventures that failed. This led him to a career in the banking sector

Rights groups call out ‘complicity’ of telecoms companies’ in internet shutdowns

Internet blackouts not only infringe on people’s human rights, but also cost companies and the economy billions, as evinced by MTN’s shutdown in Eswatini

Tobacco farmers want the taxman to do more to control illegal cigarette trade

The Black Tobacco Farmers’ Association the introduction of a minimum price level for cigarettes

Q&A sessions: Jeremiah Lemohang Mosese:

Jeremiah Lemohang Mosese grew up in a village, taught himself to use a camera and has gone on to win prestigious awards at international festivals

Covid demand spices up Libstar profits

The 2020 lockdown meant tourism took a dive, but according to Libstar subsidiary Cape Herb & Spice, many people chose to ‘travel via their taste buds

Naspers and Prosus in share swap Catch-22

Asset managers are concerned about the share exchange but others welcome it because Naspers has dominated the JSE

Brothers implicated in NLC dubious payments take each other to court

National Lotteries Commission chief operating officer, who is also under investigation by the SIU, has now been charged with malicious damage to property after a fight with his brother and business partner

Q&A Sessions: Zanele Njapha, the ‘Unlearning Lady’

From primary school educator to boardroom re-educator, Zanele Njapha now teaches adults to transition to the workplaces of the future, honing skills all children have but many adults lose, such as curiosity

South Africa needs to gear up for clean energy

Exploration and beneficiation of minerals will reduce the country’s carbon footprint

Savings rise amid Covid fallout

Low interest rates usually encourage spending, but uncertainty created by the pandemic has driven people to save their cash in hard times

Investment bonds: ‘The outcome is not measured by money but by impact’

Social impact bonds focused on decreasing youth unemployment and improving early childhood learning have delivered positive outcomes the government can replicate to establish effective service delivery.

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