/ 17 August 2023

Money talks podcast series

African Bank

A 6 Part Podcast Series

#UnlockWomen about Money, Wealth and the balance of making it all work!

Money, money, money! On July 5th, the Mail & Guardian, in partnership with African Bank, aired the inaugural episode of the #UnlockWomen Podcasts. Mikateko Chauke, African Bank’s Head of Strategic Communications & PR, shared her insights on money and the myriad responsibilities that women face in their pursuit of financial success.

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Twitter Podcast Launch 2

Money Talks Podcast Episode 1 | Unlock women about money

Women empowering women: Support that lasts all year round

African Bank Twitter Podcast Ep2

Money Talks Podcast Episode 2 | We all have the same potential for success

Learn to love money, in order to attract abundance

African Bank Twitter Podcast Ep3

Money Talks Podcast Episode 3 | Unlocking women’s financial empowerment

There’s enough out there for all of us

Episode 4 Twitter

Money Talks Podcast Episode 4 | Know what your money mindset is

Move from a place of comfort to a place of courage

Money Talks Podcast 5

Money Talks Podcast Episode 5 | How childhood experiences shape your entrepreneurial journey

Empowering women entrepreneurs: Fostering confidence and support

Money Talks