/ 21 July 2023

Money Talks Podcast Episode 3 | Unlocking women’s financial empowerment

African Bank Twitter Podcast Ep3

There’s enough out there for all of us

The third episode of the #UnlockWomen Podcasts, titled “Money Talks,” presented by the Mail & Guardian in partnership with African Bank, delved into the powerful concepts of personal mastery, self-awareness and mindfulness in the context of women’s financial empowerment. The podcast featured CEO of Mindful Revolution, Refiloe Nyoni, an entrepreneur, facilitator and yoga instructor, in conversation with Radio Broadcaster Khanya Sosibo and Communications Consultant Doric Sithole.

Anaïs Nin’s famous quote, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are,” set the tone for the discussion on personal mastery. Nyoni emphasised the significance of cultivating self-awareness and self-management through mindfulness. Each person’s unique background shapes their perception of the world, including how they view money. To achieve personal mastery, it is essential to refine our mindset and overcome the fear-driven approach towards finances.

Language plays a pivotal role in shaping our beliefs about money. For instance, constantly reinforcing a negative narrative, like repeatedly stating that one is broke and incapable of moving forward, can hinder financial progress. Nyoni shared a powerful insight, drawing from her experience as a parent. She stressed that being conscious of the legacy we leave for our children is crucial. It’s not just about what we tell them; it’s about how we behave, as they closely observe and emulate our actions. Developing an awareness of our responses to money-related situations is vital.

An abundance mindset forms the foundation for financial sustainability and growth. Rather than viewing money from a perspective of scarcity, women are encouraged to recognise and appreciate the abundance that surrounds them. Nyoni and Sosibo advocated for a shift in perception during these challenging times: viewing crises as opportunities to change our outlook and being grateful for what we have can lead to transformative change.

Nyoni emphasised that significant changes in our financial lives should be approached incrementally, as the journey itself is rewarding. Defining individual interpretations of abundance, whether it be having a substantial amount in the bank or affording small luxuries, helps shape a clearer financial vision. Furthermore, when encountering windfalls, addressing debts before upgrading lifestyles ensures long-term financial sustainability.

The pursuit of an abundance mindset also involves avoiding comparisons with others. Staying focused on one’s path and refraining from comparing with individuals who appear to have more wealth fosters contentment. Additionally, Nyoni advised auditing friendships to evaluate whether they contribute positively or negatively to one’s financial well-being. Maintaining boundaries and nurturing supportive relationships play an integral part in achieving financial growth.

Nyoni lamented the growing sense of “community deficiency” in contemporary society, highlighting the value of communities in achieving common goals. Emphasising the importance of openness and honest discussions about individual needs, she stressed that there is more than enough for everyone in the world.

The third episode of the Money Talks podcast provided an insightful exploration of personal mastery and an abundance mindset in relation to women’s financial empowerment. Through mindfulness, self-awareness, and a positive perspective, women can reshape their approach to money and unlock their full potential. By acknowledging the power of community and maintaining healthy boundaries, financial sustainability and growth can be achieved.

Nyoni’s expertise is available on social media for those seeking consultations, making her a valuable resource for women striving for financial independence and empowerment.