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Yvonne Princess Shabangu

The Networking Woman

Yvonne Shabangu is an attorney and legal counsel at LegalWise. She is also invested in empowering the youth through digital media.

This is evidenced by her YouTube channel, where she hosts Employment Wednesdays. On the show, she speaks about the challenges that young people can anticipate when they move from university to working in the corporate world, something they are not taught in lecture rooms. To do this, she draws on her personal knowledge and insight, as well as her experience of rejection and overcoming the difficulties in her field.

Yvonne invites guests to Employment Wednesdays to share their expertise and give advice. This platform teaches young people on how to secure jobs after their studies, gives them tips on interviews and teaches them the value of networking. They are also encouraged not to despair when they are job hunting.

Twenty-five-year-old Yvonne, who grew up in the centre of Johannesburg, obtained an LLB and LLM in banking law from the University of Johannesburg.

She says that among her greatest achievements are “obtaining my masters in banking law and becoming an admitted attorney”. One of her greatest lessons is that “we can’t do life all by ourselves, we need each other”. 

What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Do it afraid — you might just be walking into your biggest breakthrough.

Our theme this year is Accelerating Equality & Empowerment in Women. How do you empower yourself and women around you?

I create a space that allows women to evolve and grow by sharing opportunities and knowledge with other women. I also mention them in rooms of opportunity that they don’t have access to.

If you could change or achieve one thing for South Africa today, what would it be?

Provide adequate and fair employment opportunities for all. Reduce the unemployment rate.