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Public scrutiny needed to stop KZN flood relief looting

Public disclosure of Covid-19 contracts exposed looting of emergency funds

Ghosts of colonial looting haunt Europe’s museums

Here is a recap of disputes over artefacts looted from Europe’s former African colonies.

Khaya Koko: The looting isn’t over until the fat belly sings

A song about Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane preventing looting was way off the mark in a province riddled with corruption and theft

Cipla’s manufacturing facility reopens after looting incident

Five contractors were employed to fast-track the intensive clean-up operation and reparation process

Special Investigating Unit records detail Zweli Mkhize’s role in Digital Vibes looting

In its court document, the SIU sets out its case against the alleged fraudulent and corrupt relationship between Digital Vibes, Mkhize and the health department — and asks for a tender worth R150-million to be set aside and money paid back

Out of the arson and looting come glimmers of light

Civilians working together signals the possible germination of a deeply embedded democratic culture where ethnicity no longer divides

The explosive mix of multilevel factors explain the violence amid the looting

The social, political and economic problems of poor governance need to be fixed so that public resources are managed and distributed equally

Indians were the soft target of looting insurgents’ Plan B

The recent violence has been a cruel reminder for many South African Indians of the 1949 anti-Indian pogroms in KwaZulu-Natal

The effects of the recent looting on South Africa’s young democracy

Rebuilding is crucial, but democracies cannot allow themselves to be held to ransom by the destruction of anarchists in dictating where public funds should be spent

Dedicated courts to fast-track looting cases

Whereas low-level looters may receive fines or community service, the masterminds will be dealt with ‘ruthlessly’, says prosecutions head

Riots and looting could cause PTSD among children

The South African Society of Psychiatrists has warned that children and adolescents are vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder

Riots, looting cost the KwaZulu-Natal economy R20 billion

More than 150 000 jobs in province are at risk after last week’s orgy of destruction

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