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Chad faces an uncertain future

Idriss Déby’s son takes power after strongman father dies in battle a day after his re-election

France ‘bears significant responsibility’ for enabling Rwandan genocide, report finds

The damning Muse report, commissioned by the Rwandan government, labels France a ‘collaborator’ of the Hutu regime, but falls short of labelling the country as complicit

Chad’s president Deby dies in combat: army

Chad's newly re-elected President Idriss Deby Itno, in power for three decades, died Tuesday of injuries while fighting rebels in the north of the Sahel country

Africa could produce a Covid-19 vaccine sooner than you think

In mere months, Moderna transformed an old Polaroid factory in America into a state-of-the-art vaccine-production centre. Why can’t we do the same?

A new era of vaccine sovereignty in Africa beckons

COMMENT: The AU has laid out a clear path for the continent to produce its own vaccines

Insecurity and Covid-19: Threats to electoral democracy in Africa

Restrictions to battle the pandemic offer ideal cover for authoritarian regimes to undermine and clamp down on opposition parties

How climate insecurity could trigger more conflict in Somalia

The Somali federal government and federal states must integrate climate risks into their security planning. This will enhance their ability to prevent climate-related violence

Mysteries behind Battle of Bangui

A new book offers unprecedented insight into South Africa’s strange relationship with the Central African Republic

Analysts expecting another attack ‘in the next few months’ in northern Mozambique

The extremist insurgency in Mozambique has been an ongoing threat since 2017. SADC needs to act now, say analysts

Debt crisis may be good for Africa

The IMF and World Bank should use the crisis to divert cash to Global South countries to ease the effects of climate change

Frelimo gambled everything on gas – and lost

Mozambique’s ruling party thought gas would secure a wealthy future, but that dream faded and finally was shattered by attacks that sent energy giant Total packing

Foregone conclusions: Why bother with elections in countries like Uganda and Tanzania?

Even when only one result is possible, elections can tell us a lot about what’s really going on

Getting the story in Somalia can be a deadly affair for journalists

Abdallae Ahmed Mumin recalls being shot at and threatened in the line of duty. He escaped with his life, but not all his peers were so lucky.

Lessons from Palma attack: What next for the insurgency in Cabo Delgado?

Mozambique is starting to accept it needs more than private military aid to fight the Islamic State insurgency

Bitcoin booms in Nigeria as naira flags

Nigeria’s central bank has repeatedly warned against the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies and even ordered local banks to close accounts trading in them.

No emergency plan for the ‘Battle of Palma’

South Africa was willing to assist, but the Mozambican government would not allow foreign military forces to get involved

Africa’s leaders have left us at the mercy of the West on vaccines

Of course Western countries should share the vaccine. But why do we still have to rely on their largesse?

A more complex reality in Cabo Delgado

In the Mozambican province wracked by a violent insurgency, the convenient labelling of those rising up against the predatory elite paints a picture that is far from reality

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