Operation Dudula, Afrophobia and the quest for human rights

The ongoing Afrophobic behaviour in our country is misdirected anger and frustration at the fact that black South Africans still have to make do with welfare crumbs

This is how Hichilema is undermining democracy in Zambia

Zambia’s incumbent president was elected on promises to undo wrongs in the Lungu administration. But there are worrying signs he’s not the fighter for democracy he styled himself to be

Atrocities on the rise in Ethiopia

A video of a man being burned alive should shock the world into action to end the 15-month civil war in which acts of cruelty take place on all sides

Can citizens help themselves, or do they need the government to play God?

For liberals the world over, we believe in limited government, but the question remains: are we, as Africans, still too dependent on government?

Rwanda eyes the spoils of war in Mozambique

When Rwanda sent its army to help Mozambique fight the insurgency in the north, many wondered what it might be getting in return for its largesse

Understanding coup dynamics in West Africa

Most coups are inside jobs. But too little attention is generally paid to the internal incentive structure that faces would-be coup plotters

‘So many things’ encumber women, says Ghanaian academic

Women need support to overcome systemic barriers, argues 51-year-old Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, the first female vice-chancellor at the University of Ghana

Canada’s flag flutters over crude oil exploration in the Namibia, Botswana Kavango Basin

The oil and gas lies under wild and beautiful land that is critical for providing millions of people with drinking water and livelihoods, and is home to endangered wildlife

Bulawayo, a city of adventures and misadventures, teens, knives and murders

The city’s youth turned scripts about gangster and the stories told by their uncles of life in Jozi into their own daily experiences

Bulawayo’s streets an open-air pesticide market

Faced with the breakdown in essential services and poverty, people have turned to buying and selling illicit poisons.

Work against anti-foreigner sentiment

The government turns a blind eye to the scapegoating of foreigners because they provide a useful foil to its own failings

New migration policy could cut remittances lifeline

Migrant workers are seen as contributing to South Africa’s unemployment crisis. But cutting them off threatens to throw the regional economy off kilter

Putin’s war in Ukraine enriches some Africans

Miners of rare metals will score but the soaring oil price will result in various cost-of-living increases

Liberian prisoners live in appalling conditions

risoners get one meal a day, don’t have running water and cells are overcrowded, with many being pre-trial inmates

Chad’s children work to survive

The African country is the third least developed in the world, forcing parents having to send their children to work

African governments must stop harmful conversion practices to ‘cure’ sexual and gender diversity

More than half of the countries on the continent criminalise consensual same-sex relations and perceptions of LGBTIQ+ identities as disorders persist

Ugandan soldiers shoot learner while quelling riot

The trouble began when school authorities denied the learners permission to watch a football match between Manchester United and Manchester City

Ukraine refugees: West is empathic – if you are blonde

Europe has changed its attitude towards Ukraine refugees