Exposing a Congolese bank’s dirty secrets

Meet Gardi Koko and Navy Malela, the two whistleblowers who risked everything to raise the alarm

Why a trickle-down approach to vaccine access is not a viable strategy

The world cannot afford ‘safe havens’ in which the virus can thrive and evolve and threaten us all

The South African connection: How mercenaries aided Trump ally in Libyan op

The UN found that Trump ally Erik Prince violated the Libyan arms embargo. Here are the South Africans the report says helped him to do so

Seif Sharif Hamad: Historic leader, peace builder and unifier

Zanzibar’s first vice-president in its government of national unity died of Covid-19 last week.

Congo-Brazzaville’s repressive government buys secret weapons haul from Azerbaijan

For several years, the Republic of the Congo has been quietly buying an arsenal from Azerbaijan, with the latest cache arriving before next month’s election

Review: ‘Legacy+’ turns Afrobeat full circle

Following in Fela’s footsteps, Femi and Made Kuti continue the family legacy with their new album

The futility of elections: Re-thinking democracy in East Africa

Elections do not guarantee greater freedom or democratic governance and have contributed to instability and economic setbacks

Sierra Leone: Drugs + HIV or Aids + Covid = deadly mix

People living with HIV in Sierra Leone who use drugs are facing grim challenges during the pandemic

In conversation with Kizito Mihigo, the gospel singer who died in a Rwandan jail

‘The only thing they want is for us to sing the praises of President Kagame,’ said Kizito Mihigo, in one of the last interviews before his death.

Why the US’s counterterrorism strategy in the Sahel keeps failing

In exclusive interviews, former officials explain what has gone wrong and why the United States keeps making the same mistakes

TikTok hits the sweetest spots

But some countries – such as Egypt – have cracked down on the social media app, which grew apace with the pandemic

The dichotomy of Dominic Ongwen

The brutality meted out to the infamous Ugandan warlord was almost as horrifying as that delivered by him

When going home is a risky gamble

Opposition leaders find it hard to fight dictators from abroad, but may place their families in danger when returning home

Malawi citizens buy urgently needed, basic Covid medical equipment

Poet and writer Stanley Onjezani Kenani sets up initiative to raise funds to buy oxygen cylinders and pressure regulators after friend dies at country’s biggest hospital

Bitcoin: Nigeria bites back against cryptocurrency trading

On 5 February Nigeria’s central bank banned crypto transactions, but industry analysts are confident the sector will find a workaround.

‘Unconscionable’: The race to stop Israel from selling weapons to Uganda

Ugandan and Israeli activists have called for the licence permitting arms sales to be revoked, but expect next week’s hearing to be held in camera

African Union wants vaccine patent waiver

The continental body has thrown its weight behind calls to improve access to Covid-19 vaccines

Electric vehicle battery manufacturing: Why SADC needs to act now

All the minerals are here, so a golden opportunity exists if our governments provide incentives

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