Somalia Islamist group bans video games

Somalia's Hezb al-Islam insurgent group on Thursday slapped a ban on video games in areas under its control.

Zanu-PF: No concessions until sanctions lifted

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's party will not make concessions in talks with its partners in the unity government until sanctions are lifted.

Nigeria Senate calls on president to clarify absence

Nigeria's Senate said on Wednesday President Umaru Yar'Adua should formally notify Parliament about his absence in line with the Constitution.

Morocco taps devolution to break Sahara deadlock

Plans by Morocco to devolve some power to its regions appear unlikely to convince campaigners in Western Sahara to accept Moroccan sovereignty.

Somali Islamists claim deadly attack on medics

Somalia's hard-line insurgent group, al-Shabaab, on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a mortar attack on an AU peacekeepers' base in Mogadishu.

Zim court rejects Bennett witness confessions

A Zimbabwean court has ruled that confessions by a witness implicating a key ally of Morgan Tsvangirai were invalid as they were not made freely.

Nigerian president’s health ‘tremendously improved’

Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua has been in Saudi Arabia for two months receiving treatment for a heart condition.

Man hurls shoe at Sudan President al-Bashir

A Sudanese man hurled his shoe at President Omar al-Bashir on Monday but missed him, witnesses said.

Bodies pulled from wells after Nigeria clashes

Mosque and government officials have pulled more bodies from wells and sewage pits in a village near the Nigerian city of Jos.

Earthquake ‘swarm’ shakes Malawi

A series of quakes has left people too frightened to sleep indoors until a geological survey is concluded.

Madagascar’s leader snubs calls for power-sharing

Madagascar's leader Andry Rajoelina has snubbed the African Union's top diplomat, again rejecting calls for a consensus government to be formed.

Hard times as Madagascar hangs in political limbo

The year-long crisis has isolated the island state and left its economy in a shambles, reports Henrik Lomholt Rasmussen.

Panning beyond the pale

For centuries the Chimanimani passes have served as trade routes between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Nigerian president urged to resign

Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo says the country's sick leader should follow the "path of honour" and resign if he is too ill to lead.

UN chief alarmed by religious clashes in Nigeria

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon is alarmed by the bloody inter-communal clashes in the central Nigerian city of Jos.

Tough times for Zimbabwe farmers

Once an exporter of grain, Zimbabwe has relied on international food aid for the last decade.

Religious clashes spread in Nigeria

Nigeria has sent more troops to the troubled city of Jos as clashes between Muslims and Christians, which have left about 300 people dead, spread.

Activists arrested over Cabinda bus attack

An Angolan human rights lawyer said that police are rounding up peaceful activists for the deadly attack on the Togo national soccer team's bus.

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