SAA snubs meeting with Scopa and Gordhan

MPs express frustration at the shoddy work done by the dysfunctional, broke airline and its rescue practitioners, calling their no-show ‘unacceptable’

Carbon tax to curb big polluters

Other steps to fight climate change include improved reporting, monitoring and laws

Covid steals jobs, equality from women

PwC’s Women in Work Index says governments and businesses must tackle causes of inequality

NSFAS funds, jobs for youth dry up

The already turbulent labour market could see more strain if aspiring students lose out

Rapid inoculation will decrease SA’s jobless rate

Research by retail bank BNP Paribas estimates that unemployment will linger for longer in emerging markets

South African economy contracts 7% in 2020 amid Covid-19 slump

But the country’s GDP growth in the fourth quarter of last year shows positive signs of recovery, at 6.3%

Covid triggers crypto collectables boom

These one-of-a-kind digital collector’s items are being sold for unprecedented prices

Millers pay for duty-free wheat quota

The South African Revenue Services didn’t gazette the EU quota rates for about month, with no reasons given – and then suddenly published them

Austerity budget unpacked

The finance minister has said it’s not an austerity project. But the numbers and economists disagree

Will job creation schemes fix the unemployment crisis?

Experts say there is no evidence yet to show that government-funded employment schemes work long term

Come what may, the UIF will pay

The fund – the main safety net for unemployed workers – will run at an almost R20-billion deficit

Financial sector increases its government debt to 22%

The banking sector will be in a vulnerable position if the national treasury does not stabilise its debt

Remote working: Bosses want ‘bums on seats’

Many workers, including managers, like working remotely, but research shows it can be tough on most other employees.

Corporate tax cut will be revenue neutral — Momoniat

The surprise 1% reduction will result in a wider, more compliant corporate tax base, according to Ismail Momoniat

Tito’s budget tries to boost economic growth and arrest debt

Government spending has reached a record 41.7% of GDP, and the budget deficit has widened from 5.7% in 2019 to an estimated 14%

In a bizarre twist VBS liquidators sue KPMG for R863mn

In filed court documents, the VBS liquidators are blaming auditing firm KPMG’s negligence for the alleged looting of the bank

Snip, snip: Mboweni eyes wage bill, other future spending cuts

Last year, the finance minister noted that increased government spending has failed to promote growth over the past decade

Budget: Mboweni pegs recovery hopes on vaccine efficacy, lower public wage increases

The treasury forecasts 3.3% growth, but warns this will fall to 1.6% if the fledgeling vaccination programme fails to stem successive Covid waves

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