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Ins and outs of smart finances

Are you earning money for yourself, your children, your home and your retirement -- or are you working hard just to make other people rich?

Same-sex relationships are African

South Africa is the only African country in which same-sex rights are constitutionally protected. Even so, homosexuals continue to be subjected to treatment that is sometimes nothing less than brutal. Lesbians, for example, are still raped by men who want to teach them a lesson and convert them into real, heterosexual women.

The hero from Atlantis

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the principal of Saxonsea Primary in Atlantis, Loran Klaasen, doesn't think he's a hero. "I am a catalyst. All I am doing is inspiring other people," he shrugs.

R28m project to fight HIV/Aids

A two-year pilot project was launched last month to tackle the high rate of HIV and Aids among South Africas teachers.

Making schools financially fit

Schools are big business these days. And it's not just proceeds from tuckshops and cake sales that make it into school accountants' books.

A shrinking pool

The question of whether South Africa is producing enough new teachers is the subject of hot debate. But it is one that we need clear answers to, particularly in the light of our national aspiration to provide quality education for all.

Mother-tongue education in a twist

Some significant legal and political victories for mother-tongue education were gained in the recent past. In relation to Afrikaans in particular, there was Mikro Primary Schools successful defence against court action by the Western Cape department of education to enforce its language policy on the school governing body (SGB).

Taking an Islamic view to education

International terrorism carried out in cities around the world in the name of Allah is creating a dangerous perception of Muslims as bloodthirsty criminals.

United in any language

The rituals and religious traditions of weddings may differ from culture to culture, but the world over they’re essentially about the same thing: uniting not only a man and a woman, but their families as well.

Education for Earth

Over the past 10 years, environmental education has assumed growing importance in our curriculum and our schools. This reflects the growing centrality of environment in national policymaking and in the international arena.

Shift in focus, not in content

Last month, I briefly traced the evolution of the outcomes-based education (OBE) movement over the past 35 years: from its focus on expanding the conditions of success in schools and classrooms during the 1970s and 1980s, to the strongly learner-centred, future-focused, personally empowering emphasis of the five Cs in todays transformational models. These five domains of human functioning -- consciousness, creativity, collaboration, competence and compassion -- could (and should) be viewed as the real basics of learning, living and leadership in todays changing world.

Bold new plan for gender equality

Resentful of the man who has made her HIV-positive, a teenage girl sets out to infect as many males in the village as possible. Realising what she has done, a baying mob tries to lynch her, but she runs away. When her grandmother discovers the truth, and realises the girl will never marry, she sobs uncontrollably. Without a man to support her, how will the girl survive? As if in answer, a man offers her money for sex. The tension is palpable.

Bringing phys ed back for all

The pendulum is swinging in favour of physical education once again with the Department of Education adopting a memorandum of agreement to reinstate physical education at schools.

Finger-pointing deadlock

Heated words are flying between the Department of Education (DoE) and teacher unions as they blame each other for the faltering process of teacher appraisals.

A calling for people with a nose for news

News about the London bombings break at the same time J-Lo's latest tantrum makes world headlines - welcome to the global village, courtesy of 24-hour media networks.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind

Childhood is a stage of human development full of promise and endless possibilities. The influences that shape the mind and body of the young person have lasting effects. These include the obvious such as factual knowledge and conceptual thinking as taught in schools, as well as the general development of value systems and a sense of morality as shaped by family and society. What, then, is the role of physical activity?

An all-South African game

It may not be a sport that will make you a millionaire or take you to the Olympics, but youngsters still enjoy a good game of jukskei.

For the love of law

Charné Nel* speaks about her career in law the same way some people speak about chocolate - she luuuurvs it!