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Crisis calls for Bill’s swift passage

Mothers giving birth are dying while the debate about standards in the public sector continues.

Aids takes heavier toll on men

A study published in the latest edition of a leading medical journal explains why the survival rate of HIV-positive women is higher than that of men.

Exposed: Bitter pill of bad pharma

A new book detailing how profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies mislead medical practitioners and harm patients may be just what the doctor ordered.

Women’s rights must be enforced

October is dedicated to breast awareness - an important topic for any woman, especially if she has a family history of breast cancer.

Edging closer to a cure for Alzheimer’s

Scientists from various laboratories are racing to what will be a very profitable finishing line.

TB slowly succumbs to teamwork

The World Health Organisation has released its annual update on the state of TB around the globe - revealing SA has the highest burden of the disease.

Screens risky for toddlers

A new study says televisions, computers, cellphones and console games are causing untold harm to children under three.

South Asia gets life-saving vaccine

Pakistan is set to become the first country in South Asia to introduce the pneumococcal vaccine to protect children against pneumonia.

Healthcare needs surgery if NHI is to work

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has been on a long-overdue mission to transform SA's health system since he took office more than three years ago.

Cloned cow gives ‘allergy-free’ milk

Researchers have created Daisy the cow with the same procedure used to make Dolly the sheep.

Generic drugs are vital for a healthy Africa

The cost of pharmaceuticals takes them out of most people's reach and only cheaper, effective versions will make good healthcare attainable.

Bipolar children rare but there

Understanding the disorder will enable parents to offer their child the necessary support structure, writes Dessy Tzoneva.

Technology breaks the silence

New devices give people such as Alan Martin, who has cerebral palsy, the chance to communicate properly for the first time.

Fears of new deadly virus mount

Health authorities fret at the prospect of a global outbreak similar to the 2003 Sars crisis.

Beating cancer at its own game

The five steps below could reduce deaths from cancer in South Africa, according to the Cancer Association's head of research, Dr Carl Albrecht.

Lay workers on frontline in fight against child mortality in Malawi

Resource-lean, short of professionals and prone to food crises, Malawi doesn't look like a candidate for any of the millennium development goals.

Misery living off Kenyan rubbish dump

Health campaigners want to close a dump in Nairobi that spreads disease, but thousands of scavengers rely on it for survival.

HIV budgets come under pressure

The times of plenty funding for the fight against HIV are over, and the lean years come at a time when the need for funding is rising.

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