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Mécanisme Africain d’évaluation par les Pairs

Le rapport du MAEP cherche à donner des réponses basées sur des preuves face à la crise de la COVID 19

Machine learning: A lifeline for big water users

Industry is rapidly realising that digitisation offers genuine opportunities to boost water efficiency, reduce wastage and contamination, and increase profits

WWF in Namibia seeks a Wildlife Advisor

The successful applicant will co-ordinate, nurture, and manage WWF’s increased role in transboundary conservation efforts focused on wildlife and community conservation

Africa expected to start recovering from Covid-19 economic damage in 2021

But the continent is not out of the woods and experts have called for a comprehensive debt restructuring mechanism for Africa

Top Achievers

So many things have changed, and these had an impact on the overall learning experience of almost all learners

African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)

The APRM report seeks to facilitate evidence-based policy responses to the Covid-19 crisis and to enable information sharing

How are we feeling?

Our mental wellbeing (or lack thereof) will be the looming public crisis of the years to come

The new normal and you

What it means to prioritise health and wellness in 2021

What’s the alternative?

Mental wellbeing looks different for everyone, and finding your fit might mean looking beyond the obvious

Urgent conversations

Could now be our chance to make therapy more accessible for all?

Management of mortality

For AVBOB, surviving the pandemic was not the priority. Ensuring that their clients were able to survive the loss of their loved ones was

Huawei Tech Summit 2021: Making technology the new driving force for the post-pandemic era

It is important for business leaders to stay one step ahead and understand the challenges their organisations face or will be facing in the near future

Kagiso Trust and financial self-sustainability

'Being self-funding gives us the capacity to continue with our projects even in the toughest times'

AVBOB extends financial support during Covid-19 pandemic

The company has taken a proactive approach in alleviating some of the financial burden on individuals who need to lay their loved ones to rest

Mining Indaba’s highly anticipated Investment Battlefield returns next week

Global investors and financiers are encouraged to tune in to review projects and financial overviews of some of Africa’s most promising mining projects

So, banking was changing … and then

Covid-19 and global shutdowns have accelerated the already rapid changes that were happening in the financial services sector

The Face of Connectivity

The company is constantly evolving and reinventing itself to provide for and meet the human need of being connected

Add more to your mobile banking experience

The new offering gives customers the ability to choose from a host of banking products and services, in the form of widgets, called add-ons

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