22 Chinese jets crossed Taiwan Strait ‘median line’: Taipei’s defence ministry

China fired ballistic missiles and deployed fighter jets and warships on Thursday as it held its largest-ever military exercises around Taiwan, a show of force sparked by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island

Israeli tanks and helicopters hit Gaza

Israeli helicopters and tanks hit Gaza City early on Monday, targeting a main Palestinian security compound, while hundreds of kilometres away, a security guard foiled an attempt to hijack an Israeli passenger plane.

Russian mafia extends tentacles across the globe

From cocaine smuggling for Colombian drug cartels to criminal betting syndicates in Asia, Russian mobsters have extended their tentacles across the far corners of the globe, backed up by formidable resources at home.

Arafat free, Israelis out

A FURIOUS Yasser Arafat emerged on Wednesday from five weeks confined to his Ramallah compound denouncing Israel even as it withdrew its troops to the cheers of Palestinian fighters.

Kabul wakes to a state of siege

The Afghan capital awoke on Friday to a state of siege following an assassination bid against its president, Hamid Karzai, and a devastating car bomb that killed 26 people and wounded 150.

Mandela slams bully-boy Bush

Former South African president Nelson Mandela has continued his strong criticism of the United States over its threat to attack Iraq, declaring that the US wanted to bully the entire world.

An army against Le Pen

THE streets of Paris, famously constructed for armies, faced two of them on May Day. One - that of the well- disciplined troops of the far-right leader Jean-Marie le Pen - they could cope with. The other they couldn't.

Iran’s suffering wives turn to murder

Married at age 13 to a man 18 years her senior, Ferdows was the wife that Iranian society expected her to be: obedient and silent, despite the beatings and humiliation.

Black Cats kill three gunmen after Hindu temple siege

Indian commandos early on Wednesday stormed a Hindu temple in the riot-torn eastern state of Gujarat and killed three gunmen, ending a bloody siege which left 30 devotees dead.

US plans to give Saddam seven days to reveal all

The draft of a tough US resolution calls on Iraq to reveal all materials relating to weapons of mass destruction and to give UN weapons inspectors unfettered access to presidential sites.
  • US warplanes bomb mobile radar in Iraq
  • Brussels says ‘Non’ to Le Pen

    JEAN-MARIE le Pen's foray into the heart of Europe collapsed into chaos and recriminations this week after he was heckled by MEPs and taunted by anti-fascist demonstrators before expounding his views

    Suicide bomber kills 10 in Jerusalem bus blast

    At least 10 people were killed and 45 injured on Thursday as a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up aboard a rush-hour bus in west Jerusalem.

    Iraqi MPs back Saddam

    Parliament has rubberstamped Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's uncontested candidacy for another seven-year term in a direct challenge to US plots to oust him ''who inspires fear''.

    Italian food police decree ‘chart of good behaviour’

    ''Finito!'' to fake mozzarella. Down with pesto ground by agro-industrial giants who don't know their basil from parsley. Say ''adio'' to sickly sweet tomato sauce.

    ‘Mussolini 1922, Hitler 1933, Le Pen never’

    FRANCE'S ruling Socialist, Communist and Green parties this week urged supporters to vote for their sworn enemy, Jacques Chirac, in the May 5 presidential election as France reeled from the political upheaval caused by the rise of the veteran far-right National Front leader, Jean-Marie le Pen

    Changing the way the world uses water

    Global food supply will be at risk if the world does not change the way it uses water, according to a report by two international research bodies released on Wednesday.

    E-mail bride scam targets Western men

    The FBI receives many complaints about these services, but others insist ''e-mail brides'' are driven by more innocent desires and simply prefer the life and manners of Western men

    Nadia’s choice

    In 1980 Nadia and Zana Muhsen were abducted from the UK and sold into marriage in the Yemen. Zana was allowed back eight years later. Nadia never came home

    Bicycle bomb wounds seven in Afghanistan

    A bicycle bomb aimed at a vehicle carrying Nato-led peacekeepers exploded on Monday east of the Afghan capital, Kabul, wounding at least seven Afghan civilians, some seriously, police and officials said. The remote-controlled bomb was set on a bicycle left on the side of the main road from Kabul to the eastern city of Jalalabad and detonated at about 9.30am.