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Cheque value bundles – real value

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While you may generally know what cheque account you have, you might have not paid attention to what other benefits come with it. Perhaps now is the time to take a closer look, as you could be missing out on benefits that make a significant difference to your life.

As we grapple with the new world of lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing and so forth, our lives are changing, as are our needs. It is important that we reflect on the kind of resources we have at our disposal to ensure that they continue to play a supporting role on the journey forward. Financial resources play a critical role in building our dreams; for instance, having a bank account is a prerequisite for any sustainable financial journey. But most people do not pay much attention to what bank account they have and whether or not it is suited for their daily realities.

Absa developed the concept of value bundles some time ago. The concept came out of the understanding that customers need banking and financial partners who have vested interest in their wellbeing. When Absa designed the cheque value bundle products, a significant amount of time was spent on research. The intent was to understand customers, their needs and wants in great depth. This is because we wanted to develop solutions that would form part of our customer’s lives, and this is not limited to banking needs.

We know that customers have transactional needs that involve receiving income safely and conveniently. We also know that money is a means to an end. So, when we created the value bundles, we also catered for much more than an account. We catered for most of the basic banking requirements in the form of bundled transactions, which are deeply discounted.

Included in that basket are digital transactions offered at no extra cost, to allow customers affordable remote banking. Our digital channels continue to be free. Our app is accessible to millions, even to those who at times cannot afford data to maintain connectivity.

But our promise to customers is not limited to just mainstream banking. We have gone beyond to think of those moments when they will require support for the more serious realities that impact their lives — such as loss of employment, sudden disability and what happens when you pass on.

As the economy takes a knock from the Covid-19 pandemic, we expect most of the things we thought you could need will become more evident. So regardless whether you have a Gold or Premium Banking value bundle, you keep your Retrenchment cover, Disability cover, Funeral cover and a lot more for a low fixed monthly fee.

So, when we say we care, we mean it in practical terms.

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