Special Reports

Municipal finance management continues to deteriorate

Only 25% of municipalities were able to submit credible financial statements

Strategic African Women In Leadership

Q&A with Seipati Mokhuoa, Founder and Executive Chairperson of SAWIL

Sustainability takes centre stage at BAT South Africa

Investing in environmental excellence for a greener tomorrow

Vodacom outranks rivals for best quality network in independent mobile network research

Vodacom's investment into its South African network is paying dividends, with its customers receiving an unsurpassed experience

Empowering the youth to transform their communities – focus on AfroCentric bursaries

In 2016, the AfroCentric Group awarded bursaries to four young black women from disadvantaged backgrounds

Bidvest Bank has explored and identified efficiency gains to create opportunities in fleet management

At Bidvest, it’s all about getting things done in a unique manner that is founded upon our culture and values

Need to develop your copy-editing and proofreading skills?

It’s one thing to know English grammar rules, but applying them effectively is a challenge for many writers

Youth Month: Creating tomorrow

‘The government remains resolute in creating a favourable and supportive environment for the youth to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders’

Higher Health calls for united action to support youth development and wellness

We all must play our part in developing and implementing youth empowerment initiatives, to increase opportunities for young people

Collaboration critical for health reform in South Africa

Good faith deliberation between all parties, rather than fixating on the conflicts which currently divide them, is required

R105-million contributed by CCBSA for SA youth development

To date, CCBSA has financially supported and provided training to over 700 entrepreneurs across the country

Meet the inaugural Metropolitan Collective Shapers Winners

'70% of people living within sub-Saharan Africa are younger than 30.' – United Nations

Do you have what it takes to drive innovation?

The key lies in instilling a positive, sustainable innovation culture in the workplace by developing innovative thinking and an environment that thrives on idea sharing

My dinner with Bill Gates

Africa.com's CEO writes about how she felt after this special invitation

Should alcohol be in schools?

Having it available at schools will normalise its use in the eyes of learners

Huawei Mining brings digitisation through collaboration

In the mining business, the ability to make real-time judgments is critical because a delayed response can mean the difference between life and death

A focus on fraud and the financial reporting ecosystem

‘When a company’s culture is to do good, you’ll have a reduction in fraud’

CoCreating our Identity for the Future

'Every day, we must reflect on how to make this a better world — not just the government, or artists, or activists, it is about all of us'