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Sustainability for businesses in South Africa

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The country has been experiencing power outages for several years now, which brings the opportunity for alternative energy supply to the forefront. 

Egoli Gas is helping industries to meet growing energy demand and limit CO2 emissions with piped natural gas as the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon available. 

Converting traditional energy requirements to piped natural gas has already been a successful option for many businesses in the past. 

Egoli Gas piped natural gas offers a bridge to the energy growth barrier with a unique delivery to market that eliminates logistical difficulties, extra storage and delivery costs. These benefits also provide a series of features including enhanced focus on safety, pipeline integrity and operations excellence.

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon, producing around a third of the carbon dioxide and just one-tenth of the air pollutants of coal when burnt to generate electricity. Efficiency levels improve even further when used for co-generation or tri-generation purposes. Ultimately with piped natural gas, including initial CAPEX, business cases to companies provide a very positive result and similarly increase the bottom line with a more cost-effective fuel alternative. Unlike other fuel sources, Piped Natural Gas combusts up to 95%.

Natural gas is versatile 

Embedded power generation has become a priority and a vital factor for the sustainability of businesses in South Africa. Consideration of piped natural gas allows different types of solutions to be explored, such as managing energy resource supply and the viability and efficiency of utilising the source to maximum benefit, among other benefits.. 

A market shift across the board in CHP (Combined Heat and Power) where gas combustion is used for electricity generation, heat from exhaust heat exchanger used for space heating as well as extracted heat processed through absorption chilling for cooling, giving you CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heat and Power). Additional benefits that could be explored are the flue gases produced that can be utilised, and CO2 captured as an additional revenue stream or for other internal applications. A natural gas-fired power generation facility takes much less time to start and stop compared to a coal-fired plant. Natural gas is also used as a lower-carbon fuel for cars, trucks and busses currently in South Africa.

Piped natural gas powers, heats and cools industries, homes and businesses, and it can be used in a hybrid system incorporating renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. 

Egoli Gas has significant CAPEX invested into the northern parts of Johannesburg, identified as growth regions. Egoli Gas is also a licenced trader of natural gas and methane-rich gas in the greater Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces. Government licensed or granted approval on embedded power generation of up to 10MW without ministerial approval. This assists Egoli Gas in supplying a more diversified market with energy solutions, especially required during the unstable financial climate after the arrival of the pandemic. 

Egoli Gas parent company Reatile Group’s motto is “We are growing”, and our growing popularity backs this statement. 

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